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PEUPLES SANS VOIX (PSV) is a nonprofit organization based in Eastern DRCongo registered under the certificate Just.G.S.112/S -KV/1279.PSV comes to promoting the dignity of women left to their own devices through the inclusion of social groups and communities currently marginalized social, cultural, political and economic.

 PSV runs with a board of directors of 7 women with various qualifications and a staff leaders of ‘4 women and girls.

We work within communities to enable the most marginalized women and girls to understand, and have the confidence, to claim their rights and improve their lives., PSV  works together with local groups of women and girls  to empower them in their communities and increase their political and civil participation .We provide information for women about their rights and where to seek help  .We challenge and change attitudes and behaviors and we undertake projects addressing issues such as gender-based violence, youth empowerment and girl’s education.



 In many prison houses located in the territories and post conflict areas in South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, penitentiary agents are not sufficiently trained on the rights of prisoners or rules on the supervision of female inmates who suffer degrading treatment in defiance of the elementary rules of human rights of prisoners, especially women and girls.

 These agents’ penitentiaries lack points of reference that would allow them to properly respect the rights of prisoners in the town of Kadutu and help inmates acquire skills to better social reintegration of detainees from the prison.

Contribute to capacity building of the Penitentiary Administration agents for the Protection of the Rights of Women in prison situation in the town of Kadutu



1 .Allow 30 penitentiaries agents to better understand their role as supervisor of materials of the rights of women prisoners
2. To sensitize 30 prison guards and police officers to questions of human rights of prisoners in general and those of women prisoners in particular.
3. Involve penitentiary agents in assisting inmates to participate in their training and indirectly facilitate the social reintegration of prisoners after their penal detention.


  • Outcome 1: 30 penitentiary officers are sensitized and trained on the Protection of the Rights of Women in prison situation and conflict transformation mechanisms.
    Outcome  2:  prevention mechanisms and conflict resolution at the local level are in place in terms of women's arrest procedure.
    •  Outcome  3: Girls and women detained in prisons are respected and their rights of prisoners are not violated by the penitentiary agents.
    Outcome 4: Penitentiary agents Kadutu admit their wrong attitudes and adopt for the promotion of peace and citizenship within their structures and the community.
    • Outcome 4: The actors and the populations are sensitized and trained and are active in the conflict prevention

• Inform and educate correctional officers the concept of protection of the rights of women prisoners
2.   Produce  30 copies of the training manual on the rights of prisoners
• 3. Produce a play involving supervision and respect of women prisoners in particular
• Disseminate programs on local radio channels
• Hearing of women and girls held in prison on the nature of the torture
• Develop an advocacy document in the direction of the prison authorities and the provincial Minister of Justice of the province of South Kivu
• Organize 5 visits in prisons and abuse suffered by women prisoners documentation
• Monitoring and evaluation

Training will take place in the multipurpose room of the detention center
Monitoring and illegally detained women can have on visits lasting up to six months on approval of the management of the prison administration.
Training will take place from 9am to 13pm. The afternoon will update the next day's media.
The volunteer trainer should have training and experience in the legal field and more precisely:
- Master the issues of human right
- Master the technical transfer of competence
- Have a thorough knowledge of the prison world

30 penitentiary police agents and supervisors of the prison administration Kadutu
Level of participants
The selection of participants will be primarily at the body of Supervisors of three detention houses of the town Kadutu: house arrest and correcting women stop  cimpunda   houses  and correction of women and girls' house arrest Minors
The Directorate of Prisons will provide this information one month before the mission after selection and interview with prospective participants.

Training of participants

The training will cover the principles of protection of any person subject to a form of detention or imprisonment against cruel and degrading treatment and torture.
cases, these moves have led to physical disabilities;
 • 2 cases of desertion by husbands roof that no longer shall attend to the needs of families




   US $




Recruiting a specialist trainer of prison rights for five days:   US$  50 each


US$  250




Recruiting a specialist trainer of prison rights for five days: US$ 4.5


US$  135



2 Broadcasts project the program on 3 radio channels: US$ 50

US$  300



4  reams of A4 copying papers:    : US$  7 each

US$  28



2 boxes of pens for training participants:: US$ 7 each

US$   14



30 workbooks for participants: $ 1.5 each

US$  45



1 developed advocacy document to submit to the authorities at the end of the work: US $  150

US$   50



  5 prison visits for hearing complaints of women prisoners:    : US $  40  each

US$  200



 Production activities and project closure report:: US$ 50

US$  50



Monitoring and evaluation activities: US $ 200: US $  200

US$ 200




US $ 1372





Bank Name:  I & M  BANK RWANDA Ltd

Account  Name:       PEUPLES   SANS VOIX   ASBL

Account Number:     022-0052 602-01-77/USD


 Swift Code: I&M RW RW RW

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